Something cool happened.

I’m working with an attorney client who’s looking to pull the trigger on a new home.

Long story short, her assets were tied up temporarily and her mortgage lender was proposing that she take out a loan with awful terms to make this home purchase happen.

It was tempting because she had her heart set on this house.

She calls me about this dilemma and I inform her about the “Attorney Mortgage”.

It’s a special program for lawyers that a select few banks offer which requires no down payment and there’s no PMI charges!

I felt like I’d saved the day because now she’s able to both buy the home of her dreams and avoid that terrible loan she was initially offered.

The moral to this story is simple: “two heads are better than one.”

Yet I talk to prospective clients every day who decide to tackle finances on their own.

That’s usually an expensive decision.

It’s wins like today that remind clients that working with an advisor is an investment, not a cost.