I’m frequently asked about why I chose to specialize in helping associate attorneys with their finances.

There’s a few layers to this question.

The first one being why specialize at all?

I’ve expressed before how I believe there’s too many advisors trying to be all things to all people.

Specialization produces both better advice for the client and higher efficiency of an advisor’s time because of unrivaled experience with the key issues our clients commonly face.

Because I specialize I’m totally in-tune with the unique challenges young attorneys face: consumer and student debt and how to balance it with saving for their goals like purchasing a home.

And that’s just it.

I chose to work with associate attorneys because they have such a tremendous opportunity to get their finances right from the get-go.

Time is our most valuable asset and a rock-solid financial plan from the start has a tremendous compounding effect.

People told me specializing would leave opportunities on the table.

The truth is it’s exactly the opposite.