The other day I had a call with a prospective client who asked how working with me is different than Fidelity or someone like his dad’s financial advisor.

It’s a great question with some simple answers.

With Fidelity (or insert name of any other big brokerage firm) you get what you pay for: a decent investment portfolio and an 800 number to call if you have questions – I find that’s not what most people want from a financial planning relationship.

On the other hand, I learned his dad’s advisor charges the industry standard 1% portfolio fee for investment management and, best case scenario, they meet quarterly to review performance – this is like comparing apples and oranges to what I do.  

The attorneys who choose to work with me want a personal relationship with someone who can provide expert, specialized guidance in every aspect of their financial world: debt, budgeting, investments, etc.

That’s what “real” financial planning is all about!