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Cash flow is king

The area of your finances that you’re neglecting the most is your cash flow. You’re in the “accumulation” period of building wealth and your cash flow is the engine fueling this growth. Consequently,...

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Stocks are for the long-run

Do you view owning stocks as a long-term endeavor?If so, following their changes constantly and making investment decisions based on those changes is a very, very bad idea.It’s the worst possible thing you can do because people...

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The truth about renting

Never feel guilty about renting.   People are so focused on monthly payments that they completely ignore the “phantom” costs of ownership.   Here’s a great example I heard recently: “my car payment is...

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Terry Andersen, CFP®

I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who counsels Associate Attorneys nationwide about how to both pay off their student loans in the most cost-effective manner and build wealth faster than their peers.

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