Author: Terry Andersen

The 1% management fee

Let me be real for a second.Financial Advisors must provide advice beyond investments to justify their fees.With so many excellent, low-cost investment options these days it’s a rip-off to charge clients 1% of assets just to...

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The 3 T’s

If you have “The 3 T’s” you don’t need me: Time – to do research and anticipate tax consequences Technique – knowing what you are doing Temperament – or emotional control to not make short-sighted mistakes If...

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Biglaw & loan forgiveness

I speak to many Biglaw attorneys who choose not to refinance to keep loan forgiveness on the table should they take a much lower paying position in the future.This can be a totally valid move but, like anything else, there are...

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Terry Andersen, CFP®

I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who counsels Associate Attorneys nationwide about how to both pay off their student loans in the most cost-effective manner and build wealth faster than their peers.

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